"How much will it cost" is often a difficult question to get a straight answer to when dealing with design and development. This doesn't need to be the case; at Chapel Design we believe that costs should be transparent and predictable, right from the start. With this in mind we offer three pricing structures:-

Fixed Price

For project work that is fully specified we can provide a fixed price quotation. If your project is not yet fully defined we can help you specify the project to a point suitable for us to offer you a fixed price. Fixed price often sounds like the perfect solution, but the project must be very well specified and in many cases our other pricing methods are more suitable and typically more cost effective.

Flexi-Price 80-120

We will provide you with a quotation and only charge you between 80% and a maximum of 120% of this price, depending on the actual amount of work required (and yes we often charge less than 100%).  We take the risk and bear the cost if the work is more than 120% of our quotation.


Flexi-Price is ideal for removing the risk of hourly charging when projects are not specified adequately for a fixed price, but still reasonably well defined. We can also apply Flexi-Price to projects which could be quoted at a Fixed Price, if you wish to share some of the risk and reward with us.


For ad-hoc work or difficult to define projects we can work on a traditional hourly rate. We will always try to give you our best estimate before starting work and keep you informed of costs with regular progress reports.


We are happy to provide as little or as much help as you require, we have no minimum contract requirements.